Why Partner With Us ?


Building on three decades of experience and deep understanding of mountains, people and the spirit of exploration SHANTI LADAKH provides the highest quality trek, tour and expedition services in Ladakh and beyond. With expeditions and countless treks across the Himalaya, rest assured that your clients’ holiday with Shanti Ladakh will be all you hoped it to be and much more.


Shanti Ladakh today employs experienced, friendly and loyal staff including Ladakhi, Nepali,& Tibetan specialists in technical mountain skills and safety, innovative and adaptable cooks, tour leaders and support personnel. We are all here to make sure that your trip runs smoothly and your trip turns out you .you would have imagined and much more.


Ladakh has been known as’ the land of the lamas, and little Tibet,. But words heard, being realized is not something that happens very often. This is where we come in, to assist you and to make the moment of your tour memorable as well as present to you, the opportunity to understand what really is Ladakh,.

Our philosophy is quite simple: to follow our traditions of hospitality and welcome you to share our homeland, the Himalaya.


Through our position as a lead trekking agency in Ladakh we are able to influence and guide development of the trekking and tourism sector in the region. We also use our experience and reputation to guide our agents in the development of new treks and new style trekking holidays.

We take seriously our role as ‘guardians of the Himalaya’ so whilst contributing to the development of mountain adventure in Ladakh we are committed to protecting the environment that we work in and act as responsible tourism leaders. We ensure that all our treks cause minimal environmental impact, that we act respectfully towards the local culture and wherever possible make sure the local community shares the benefits of trekking and tourism. YPL Trekking also supports sustainable development in remote mountain communities. We do this through direct donation to the people in need in remote places of ladakh and ensure the education of their children.

Shanti Ladakh Trying provides scholarships to old age home and handicapped children. From our profit 10 percent is going on Charity.